Chinese Christian Basketball League
CCBL, with the purpose of glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ, strictly prohibits all the inappropriate behaviors includes but not limited to trash-talking, foul languages, and fighting. Technical fouls would be called for violating this rule, while fighting would result in automatic ejection for the game and suspension for the season. CCBL urges participants to be on time for each game. Teams not present, or not having at the minimum of 4 players five minutes later from the designated game time would be regarded as forfeiting the game, and would be responsible for the referee fees for their own portion AND the opposing teamsí portion. CCBL adopts the CIF High School Basketball Rules:
  1. There are two 20-minute halves in each game; Half-time break would be 3 minutes long.
  2. Clock would stop after whistles in (excluding field goals made):
  3. - last 15 seconds in the first half;
  4. - last 2 minutes in the second half.
  5. Clock would not stop when the difference is 10 points or more.
  6. An extra 2-minute period would be played if the game is tied at the end of regulation. Should the score be tied after the second overtime, the first team to score in the third overtime would win. Possession is determined by jump ball for the start of the overtimes.
  7. Four 30-second timeouts are granted to each team in each game (One for overtime).
  8. On free throw attempts, players are not allowed to step in the key until the basketball reaches the rim.
  9. Teams would be in penalty situation after having committing the seventh team foul; i.e. opposing team would be rewarded with one-plus-one free throws after the 7th team foul, and two free throws after the 10th team foul.
  10. Players would be disqualified upon committing 5 personal fouls.
  11. There is no shot-clock limitation. However, the 5-second rule and the 10-second half-court rule would be followed.
  12. Jump-ball calls are determined by alternate possessions.
  13. Technical foul would result in two free throws and possession being granted to the opposing team.
  14. Players called for two technical fouls are ejected from the game and suspended for the next game.
  15. Each team maximum of 12 registered players.
  16. Each team has an option of switching registered player up to 2 in the same season.
  17. Playoff cannot switch registered player, Playoff players at lease play half season game in the same team.
  18. No unregistered substitute player allowed.
  19. Each registered player must be at least 1/4 Chinese.
  20. Each team allows maximum 2 Non-Chinese Asian registered players by CCBL approval.
  21. Each registered player may only play in 1 team and 1 division.
  22. Each team must have the same color, same style design jersey with unique numbers attach on the back.
  23. Non certified players, No Liability Waiver Signature Players, The jersey number not same as registration Players, No jersey players, Different jersey or No numbers attach on the back. Can not play the game on that day.
  24. We reserve the right to exclude any team from participating in CCBL.
If you should have any problems regarding the above written rules, please feel free to contact Danny Wu, the CCBL executive director, at (626) 286-2600 x 17 or email him at
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